The Vasia Diagnost 19.6 PRO Adapter is based on a new motherboard, in a new, robust casing and with an extended USB cable, and the recently released software is an updated version of VCDS (VAG-COM Diagnostic System) in the Rostech product line 19.6. The adapter is designed for diagnostics up to 2019 from the VAG Group (VW, Seat, Skoda, Audi), and will also support later-produced cars.

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Vasia Diagnost 19.6.0 Updated 2019 April 26th Data Version: 25042019.


Improvements and enhancements to the new version 19 of Vasia Diagnost include:


Supplemental data ODX / ASAM.

Added support for control units for new car models.

Added Polo 6C support.

New CAN and UDS addresses have been added.

Added code to separate 3C / VW47 and 3C / VW48.

Some improvements for the HEX-NET adapter.

Updated help system for control units using UDS;

In a long adaptation, a search field (filter) was added;

Automatic saving of automatic fault finding report;

Updated error code help;

Hiding Virtual Gateway Addresses, Equipment List;

Updated long coding helper.

Support for Audi Q3 (8U / FS), VW Polo (60);

MLB2 platform support for Audi A4 (8W) and Audi Q7 (4M);

VW Phaeton (3D / GP3), VW Transporter (SF / SG) upgrade;

MIB2 Data Update.

Firmware updated to 1.95;

Lots of other fixes and improvements.



Made in Russia. Product of the localization author - Chip assembled in accordance with the original circuitry with a K-line diode to prevent mixing of the power supply poles. In a new, sturdy, ergonomic case with extended USB cable. Plate washed, quality components soldered straight. Unlike Belarusian or Chinese devices with hacked software, the device is upgraded, software updates are FREE. There are many fakes of these devices on the Internet, which are relatively easy to identify, the motherboard is not washed (flux-contaminated), the components are curved, the program is not called Vasia diagnostic, but VCDS, the body is black matte, with gold notes and rounded corners. ; software updates for these devices are paid for.